Assembling block ships

– Aligning main parts, respectively decks;

– Assembling of longitudinal and transversal walls;

– Mounting the stiffening parts of gussets and brackets;

– Sections are executed on a negative panel (stend);

– Checking width and length quotas to match;

– Starting hafting couplings and end plates;

– After welding (on both sides), tension is reduced from the welding seams by hot if necessary  ,the panel is drawn according to documentation of the section  and containers ;

– Check lofting by checking the diagonals and overall rates of respective department;

– Sheet measurements will be completed after the execution lofting;

– On the flat section is mounted a simple frame on mere skeleton;

– Assembling the frame on the panel is done after the contact area with the grinder and the passivating agent  from the panel and elements will be removed;

– After assembling the simple elements;

– The preparation for the welding joints is done;

– In order to avoid deformation, during the welding of the elements, the panel should be covered with weights.